The generous proportions within the Château de Puycharnaud allow for luxurious living space of unparalleled sophistication. The Domaines residences are designed to be the perfect epitomy of a relaxed French vacation home to be enjoyed by you and your family and friends, or rented out as a secure property investment.

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Château de Puycharnaud - Apartments site plan reference
Domaine du Château
Ground Floor
APT1 30 m²
APT2 35 m²
APT3 48 m²
APT4 114 m²
APT5 106 m²
APT6 82 m²
APT7 92 m²
APT8 120 m²
APT9 80 m²
APT10 54 m²
APT11 58 m²
First Floor
APT12 56 m²
APT13 49 m²
APT14 82 m²
APT15 91 m²
APT16 121 m²
APT17 46 m²
APT18 68 m²
APT19 81 m²
APT20 52 m²
APT21 69 m²
Domaine de la Ramière
Ground Floor
APT101 120 m²
APT102 52 m²
APT103 121 m²
APT104 58 m²
First Floor
APT201 70 m²
APT202 122 m²
APT203 50 m²
APT204 122 m²
Domaine de la Réserve
Duplex (Two Floors)
APT1 49 m²
APT2 68 m²
APT3 94 m²
La Villa
APT1 88 m²

These plans are not contractual documents and will be subject to change and approval by french authorities. Developer will have the right to start the project in different phases dependend on the sales progress.